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The AJKKSAPT College provides excellent transportation facilities with a fleet of buses for students and staff. Safety of our students is our prime concern. Thus, our transport facility is fully equipped to provide the safest & the most convenient transport solution. We covered the entire route through our bus system. These buses bring the students and staff to the campus in the morning before commencement of the class work and return back after the completion of the class work.
The students have to commute from different areas of the city and rural to college for which the AJKKSAPT College is providing buses from different important points of the city and rural covering various routes. In addition to it, the College has planned to enhance this facility from the next session as per the requirements of the students. Apart from providing transportation facility to students and staff, the College also provides this facility for industrial visits and excursion trips. All the students availing the transport facilities will have to pay suitable fees as decided by the AJKKSAPT College administration. AJKKSAPT has its own 20 buses with 35 bus transport staff members. It saves precious time of students and enhances the teaching- learning efficiency.

Transportation Rules
• Using college transport is not compulsory and only those students who agree to abide by the transport rules of the college are advised to use the college transport.
• The students who want to use the college transport should give a request in writing along with a photo to the college at the beginning of the academic year.
• The boarding/dropping point should be mentioned clearly in the requisition form.
• The transport fee should be paid into two terms and the fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
• The transport charges will be notified every year and is subject to change depending on the increase in the cost of fuel and other operating costs.
• The students should not change the boarding /dropping point, or routes without proper permission and such request will not be entertained during the middle of the semester.
• The students traveling in the college bus should occupy the seats allotted to them and should not create any disturbance to other students and staff,
• Strict discipline should be maintained inside the college bus.
• All the students/parents are expected to be aware of the transport rules of the college and Ignorance of the same will not be an excuse for any dispute/claim.
• In case of any dispute, the decision of the Management will be final and binding on the students.
• The college can change, alter, amend any of the above rules at any point of time and it will be binding on the students.
• Smoking, drinking and eating are not permitted inside AJKKSAPT buses.
• Playing Radios, Televisions, Compact Disk Players are prohibited.
• In any manner, activities that are offensive to any passenger or driver is prohibited.
• Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the college buses.
• Wear the Identity card and carry bus ID card student always in the bus.
• Board the buses only in the respective stage.
• Boarding of the college buses shall be in the sequence of: i) Girls II) Staff and III) Boys.
• Disciplinary action will be initiated against those who violate the above rules.

General Info

Buses Do Not Opearte On

• All Sundays, New Year, Pongal, Ramzan, Bakrid,Deepavali, Christmas and Government Holidays etc.,

Transport Committee

There is a Transport Committee with staff and students observing transport facility for students and maintaining discipline and anti-ragging in the buses.The Committee discusses the problems regarding transport facility and takes disciplinary action if necessary.

Name Position Mobile No
Mr.Laksmiganthan Transport committee incharge 9789456753
Kumaresan Transport Officer 9659651529
Transport Details
S.No Bus No Bus Route Driver Bus Incharge Timing
1 TN34H2088 GURUVAREDIYUR Mr.V.KARTHIKEYAN 9842933821 Mr.L. KUMARASAMY Polytechnic Lect / I Year 9600948853 7.10-8.40AM 4.35-6.10PM
2 TN56Y3145 NAMBIYUR Mr.K.PONNUSAMY 9688388974 Mrs JOTHIMANI Engineering Lect / S&H 9965924613 7.00-8.40AM 4.35-6.10PM
3 TN52B1771 PULIYAMPATTI Mr.S.JAGATHISH 8973236925 Mr.BALU B.Ed Lect / B.Ed 9976618012 6.50-8.40AM 4.35-6.20PM
4 TN36M3695 CHENNAMPATTI Mr.C.MOORTHI 9095058957 Mr.M.ARJUNAN Polytechnic Lect / ECE 9790530950 7.10-8.40AM 4.35-6.00PM
5 TN38AB8500 KOMARAPALAYAM Mr.S.PONSEENI 8526234247 Mr.KOWSIKRAJA Engineering Lect / CSE 9688226266 7.20-8.40AM 4.35-6.00PM
6 TN30U1166 PERUNDURAI Mr.S.KANDASAMY 9488337639 Mr.YUVARAJ Engineering AP / ECE 9543964291 7.10-8.40AM 4.35-600PM
7 TN36M3704 EDAPPADI Mr.P.KUMARASAMY 9488555096 Mr.K.MAKESH Polytechnic Lect / AUTO 9994455212 6.50-8.40AM 4.35-6.30PM
8 TN36Q1842 TIRUPUR Mr.P.SELVARAJ 9344366899 Miss.SHENBAGAM Engineering Lect / S& H 9952651209 6.45-8.40AM 4.35-6.30PM
9 TN33AP7979 VELLAYAMPALAYAM Mr.A.APPUSAMY 9942263131 Mr.DARWIN Polytechnic Lect / CHEM 9042869005 7.25-8.40AM 4.35-6.00PM
10 TN47M2439 CHITTAR Mr.K.VENKATACHALAM 8883102324 Mr.KUPPUSAMY Polytechnic Lect / MECH 9698553055 7.00-8.40AM 4.35-6.10PM
11 TN36Q1823 ERODE Mr.M.MUNUSAMY 9578185839 Mr.VIDHYASAGAR Engineering AP / MBA 9965422273 7.00-8.40AM 4.35-6.15PM
12 TN36P1856 KAVUNDAMPALAYAM Mr.K.MOHANRAJ 8508075762 Mr.P.ESWARAN ITI Instructor 9965505053 7.15-8.40AM 4.35-6.10PM
13 TN41H9279 BHAVANISAGAR Mr.N.RAVICHANDRAN 9943442479 Miss.SAMYUKTHA Engineering Lect / S& H 9750594270 7.00-8.40AM 4.35-6.15PM
14 TN30H3344 ELLAPALAYAM Mr.RAMACHANDRAN 8508482696 Mr.MURUGESAN Polytechnic PED / POLY 9942250672 7.10-8.40AM 4.35-6.20PM
15 TN36M3915 METTUR Mr.B.KARTHI 7402505074 Miss.KALAISELVI Polytechnic Lect / ECE 9994988294 7.00-8.40AM 4.35-6.15PM
16 TN33M4232 KAVULIPALAYAM Mr.K.PALANISAMY 9677909626 Miss.SATHYA Engineering Technician / CSE 8526443065 7.10-8.40AM 4.35-6.10PM
17 TN36P2053 VARATTUPALLAM DAM Mr.MURUGAN 9659776663 Mr.MAHENDRAN Engineering AP / MECH 9698571514 7.00-8.40AM 4.35-6.15PM
18 TN36P1539 KANJKOVIL Mr.S.POOVANTHARAN 9443536396 Mr.DHARANI S Engineering AP / CSC 9976182615 7.05-8.40AM 4.35-6.00PM
19 TN59L9425 NASIYANUR Mr.M.BALASUBRAMANIAN 9677772500 Mrs.SASIKALA Engineering AP / ECE 9715084075 7.25-8.40AM 4.35-5.55PM
20 TN28X5995 GOBI Mr. K.A.NATARAJAN 9500547407 Miss.PRADEEPA Engineering AP / S&H 7373314411 8.00-8.40AQM 4.35-5.15PM
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